Naughty Little Cisco, Oils

Cisco was an adorable but rather naughty little fella.  He had a look of pure mischief in his eyes.  You never knew when he would suddenly kick up his heels and go scrambling away fast.  And you weren't sure if he was going to try to take a nip out of you.  I felt like this painting caught his look.  You know, seeing his eyes, that he's getting ideas about what mischief he can cause.  But what a beautiful baby he was, with that telling tornado on his forehead.  He was so frisky and cantankerous that he was sold to friends of my son and wife.  It was sweet while it lasted, but with him taken on by another enthused owner, they could relax and enjoy the other better-behaved horses!

PS I just learned that that "naughty" Cisco has become a prize-winning show horse!  

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