Penny's House of Light (Oils)

penny's house

My friend Penny bought a lovely piece of land out in the area of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin over 20 years ago. The land had a very old house on it that eventually became a "tear down."  But before that happened, Penny had spent time walking around in the garage and horse shed that was on the place, and she started to get a vision for a lovely home that could be created out of that large space.  She communicated her vision to two architects, and voila! Penny's new house became what I think of is a "Penny's house of light."  That's because Penny possesses a special light and beautiful spirit. She has a Doctor of Divinity degree. She and spiritual leaders like her have a deep instinct and notion of how to lead us out of the great and troubling darkness of the Donald Trump era and the anxieties many of us babyboomers have about the fate of the planet -- nature, wildlife, air, water & ground pollution, overpopulation, etc.  Penny communicates her wise insights in her sermons/teachings. 

I love lovely homes and may be commissioned to do a painting of YOUR home as well.  Mary Hollinger 608-333-4072.

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