Aunt Clara's Farm, Acrylics

idyllic farm

I wrote and illustrated a children's book called "A Visit to Aunt Clara" for my two step-grandchildren. In the story, the children visit their elderly aunt at her farm while the parents are away for a 3 or 4 day trip.  I came up with the story and all the illustrations and gave the self-published book to the kids for Christmas.  While it wasn't much of a hit with the kids or parents, I still love the story and the illustrations.  As I drew and painted the various illustrations, I had a vision of what Aunt Clara's farm would look like.  It turned out to be my idea of the ideal farm:  Tucked into a valley with some hills and bluffs in view (like those found the driftless region of southwest Wisconsin), a modest, cozy house; a big sturdy barn; a creek with a spring house where the spring bubbles up (this is where folks in the olden days would keep their milk pails and butter cold); a chicken house and chickens; a clothesline, a garden, a couple of dogs, a horse, a couple of black cats, and of course a birdbath for the birdies.

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