Penelope, My Brother's Nordic Tug (Oils)

Nordic Tug

My brother Tom bought this awesome Nordic Tug (actually Danish) when he retired from being a professor at University of Florida.  It was his dream boat, and it is the most wonderful boat in the world -- teak finishes, two staterooms, excellent kitchen, even has a washer and dryer in it.  She even has stabilizers like cruise ships!  Tom takes fabulous care of Penelope, and what adventures we've had on her. Can you believe, Tom makes raised yeast waffles for us when we take a trip? with pure maple syrup?  When we have outings, he docks where there's a great seafood restaurant.  The sights we see on the St. Johns River are so beautiful. We have a lot of dolphin sightings. It just doesn't get any better than brother Tom, his wonderful wife Sandy, and this amazing boat.

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