Bathing at The Old Schoolhouse Before the Plumbing

child in washtub

Aw, ya gotta love all the memories of those back-to-the-land years, those of us who took that path.  It was a marvelous experience in many ways, a difficult experience in others.  The kids' father and I ran a small town weekly newspaper in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin.  It was a great dream but didn't work out as we'd hoped even though we had some grand times and terrific memories.

Sarah was such a very good child and she was fine with the conditions at the schoolhouse before we got in the linoleum floors, the drywall, the electricity and the plumbing.  She didn't see any probem with it.  With the schoolhouse in a continual state of disarray, she could ride her tricycle all around the big room on hardwood floors inside, so what's to complain? Seemed like Sarah's view of her baby brother at that point was, you invaded the family?  Sorry, you're on your own.

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