Mary Hollinger - taken in Acworth, Georgia

Mayr in Acworth, Georgia

My late husband Brian and I were in Acworth, Georgia for a reunion of the old David Allan Coe team of roadies.  Brian was the Road Manager for the band. The guys had great nicknames.  For instance, "Wiredog" was the nickname of the technical guy for the band when on tour, and Rodeo was another nickname.  Brian and I had stopped at a Cracker Barrel because I love a certain selection from their menu.  I bought a white hat.  I was wearing white, and so I sat in a white rocking chair, and Brian got this awesome photo. On that occasion in 2015, we of course had no idea it would be the last reunion for Brian. Good thing we went, because Brian was just thrilled to see all those great old buddies (and wives) again.  

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