The Old Schoolhouse Cook Stove

The Old Schoolhouse Cook Stove by Mary Hollinger

The Old Schoolhouse Cook Stove, Pastel

I treasured this cook stove.  It was called an “Allen’s Princess” cook stove, which my then husband Bill and I found at an antique store in Boaz, WI.  Our sweet old schoolhouse on 5 acres (bought for $4400 in those sweet back-to-the land days) was located in rural Soldiers Grove, WI near Gays Mills.  I used to bake bread in it.  I had to build a good fire and then make sure I didn’t get it stoked up too hot for bread baking.  The cook stove had warming ovens for raising bread, and it had a thermometer on the oven door that helped regulate the temperature.  I had a nice iron griddle for making pancakes.  I so treasured this lovely lime green cook stove and regret that there’s no way to have such a thing in a condo!   It’s still in that old schoolhouse.  We sold it in 1975 for $23,000. The last time the schoolhouse was for sale, the asking price was $350,000.

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